Vision, Mission, and Values


Our vision is of a society in which sexual violence is not tolerated and where survivors are provided with information and care that support their empowerment and resiliency.


KASA will provide a counselling service sensitive to the needs of all survivors of sexual violence/abuse, rape, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment. This service will be empowering non-judgemental and consistent in approach as to promote the safety, privacy and dignity of survivors. 

Support will also be offered to non-abusive family members, partners and friends.



belief in the survivor/supporter’s inherent worth


respect for the survivor/supporter’s right to be self-governing


respect for the survivor/supporter’s ability to act


honouring the trust placed in the staff/volunteer by the survivor/supporter’s 


commitment to promoting the survivor/supporter’s well being


commitment to avoid harm to the survivor/supporter


fair and impartial treatment of all survivors and supporters and the provision of best practice services


fostering staff/volunteer self-knowledge and care for self

Violence and sexual abuse in relationships must always be viewed as an abuse of Human Rights. It should not be rationalised or minimised and there must never be an acceptable or tolerable level of violence. Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence, irrespective of age, race, income or employment status.

Central to our work in KASA, is a belief which offers support, empathy and understanding. We offer a safe and confidential space and a person-centered, empowerment approach in all of our contact with clients.

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